Additional Black Colonial Information

  • Colonel Tye – Black loyalist officer – Additional information
  • William Lee – Washington’s personal servant who stayed with him after he was freed
  • Oliver Cromwell – fought with 2nd NJ Reg’t. Stayed the duration of the war
  • Benjamin Bannecker – Author, scientist, mathematician, farmer, astronomer, publisher and urban planner
  • Cripus Attuck – shot in Boston Massacre
  • George Latchom – Fought a British-landing party in VA. near Yorktown
  • Austin Dabney – Took master’s place, fought Cowpens,SC, noted for courage
  • Salem Poor – Bunker Hill, congress gave commendation, Killed British Lt.Abercrombie
  • Peter Salem – minuteman at Concord & Lexington, Mass; killed British Maj.Pitcarin
  • Prince Whipple – bodyguard of Gen. Whipple
  • Agrippa Hull – served six years and two months in the war
  • Lambert Latham – avenged murder of owner by a British officer at cost of his life
  • James Forten – one of wealthiest men in Philadelphia
  • James Armistead – spy for Lafayette; information helped in Yorktown
  • The Rhode Island Regiment – very impressive and courageous; fought to the last man

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